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Everyday movement for optimal health

April 30, 2020

14 Easy ways to keep your cells happy

In a primal setting, movement wasn’t something that was planned or even scheduled. Gathering food, hunting animals, being chased by predators, following herd movements, playing tribal games was all a daily way of life and your survival would have depended on it. By our ancestors doing this, movement for optimal health and wellness is forever etched into our human genes. 

In today’s modern world, our sedentary life style is being compared to smoking in terms of negative health effects. We move less than we ever have due to modern conveniences and it is slowly killing and causing a multitude of health issues. Getting our body cells moving in some way or another is going to help with our overall health and wellbeing. 

Now it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort and time to “move your @$$”, but it does require a different mindset. A little more does a lot more for your health. Below are fourteen tips to help increase your body movement, blood flow, help balance insulin, burn more fat and tap into your primal genes to get your health pointed in the correct direction.

1. Park far – Give yourself distance between the store front doors and your vehicle. An extra 100 steps is great for you.

2. Basket – Be a shopping nomad. Use baskets instead of carts (within your own strength) Lift and carry your prized bounty. Oh, and bring your own bags too.

3. Stairs – Step out, step up and step down. Use the stairs at any opportunity. Skip a step to increase muscle stimulation for increased calorie burn.

4. After meal – Do not flop yourself on the sofa and pat the happy belly! Get up and clean the table, go for a walk, sweep the floor, chase the spouse, just get moving!! It he helps with sugar burning and correct insulin levels after eating. 

5. Stand – Sitting is the new smoking. Stand at your work desk (if you’re able to or have one) If you have to sit, plan to stand and move as much as you can. Be creative.

6. Play – Shoot hoops, play tag, toss a ball, jump on the trampoline, swing at the playground. Get the neighbors talking when they see you acting like a child…heck, they might even want to join you.

7. Walk – Be a bipedal maniac. Walk to the mailbox, walk around the block, walk around the local park in fresh air and life-giving sunshine. Best exercise ever.

8. Dance – Making supper? Turn up the tunes. Getting ready for work or a special occasion? Turn up the tunes. Too quiet in the house? Turn up the tunes and DANCE!!

9. Wrestle – Take this any way you want. Be careful and be fair. Wrestle with your pet, your children, your spouse (my favorite).

10. Chores – Push mow your lawn, hand wash the vehicle, vacuum the house, sweep the floor, shovel the snow, weed the flower bed. Don’t hire these out if you’re just being lazy. 

11. Squat – Never bend over to pick up anything. Squat down (like a toddler) and pick up whatever you can. Bending over like an old tree branch is not good for the spine and doesn’t help to activate and stretch the large muscles of the body that are great to boost the metabolism.

12. Laugh – Not a body movement, but a blood and oxygen mover for sure! First, always laugh at yourself then others. Whether it’s a funny movie, humorous YouTube video or crazy kids telling stories, it burns calories and releases calming hormones that help to relieve stress.

13. Tinker – Putter around your garage, yard, craft room, home just to get on your feet and stay active. Have the music or even the TV on in the background if you like. 

14. Visits (after social distancing/isolation is lifted) – Meeting up with a friend for a coffee, tea, water and chat? Why not get the beverage to go and head out on a walkabout around the town, park, mall or neighborhood? It’s relaxing and an awesome way to catch up.

Maybe you have your own ideas that could help move you and your tribe? Explore them, use them. Diversity is the spice of life that keeps things interesting and fresh. Have fun and don’t sweat it (unless a good sweat was the point). Take care friends!!

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