Ready to transform and deepen your relationship with yourself, others and the world? 

explore the Enneagram system and how to use it for growth.

Learn yoga techniques to help break old patterns of personality.

Gain tools to continue your transformation at home.

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ready for a soul filled experience?

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A unique experience of self-discovery and connection.

The workshop offers an introduction to the Enneagram and an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the system. Our exploration of the 9 personality types sheds light on why we think, feel and act the way we do. With this eye-opening insight we apply gentle yoga techniques, breath work and guided meditations to help break old patterns of personality.

Uncover your subconscious beliefs and find new ways of showing up for yourself.

practice embodied techniques to align body, mind and heart to come back to wholeness.

improve and deepen your relationship with yourself and others

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so much more than just a personality system

The Enneagram is a map for healing and growth.

The Enneagram is a model of our human psyche based on nine personality types. The system functions as a map for self-discovery, healing and personal growth. When we discover our dominant Enneagram type we find out where we are on this map. Once we know our type and we know where we are on the map we know which of the nine paths we need to embark on for our unique healing and growth journey.

And that's why we're doing this.

By discovering our Enneagram type we are able to identify our subconscious conditioning, and gain a whole new perspective on our reality. Our personality patterns, beliefs and essential truth live in our bodies. To achieve true transformation we need to access wisdom beyond our mind. When we combine the profound teachings of the Enneagram with yoga we create deep change that lasts.  From this place we can transform our self-limiting patterns into life-enhancing personal empowerment. 

Knowledge alone does not create lasting change.

Meet the instructors

Hi, we are Anna & Daniela

Anna Paniak is a certified Life- & Enneagram Coach, and co-founder of Spirit & Spear. Ever since she first began studying the Enneagram in 2008, the system has had a profound and life-changing impact in her own life. Using the Enneagram in her coaching practise she has also witnessed incredible results in her clients’ lives. Anna is dedicated to guiding people into alignment with their truest nature so they can discover a deeper purpose and experience fulfillment in all areas of life.

Daniela received her Yoga Teacher certification in 2006 at The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. She focuses her classes on opening the energy channels and uses yoga, breath work and meditation as tools to still the mind so we can connect to and discover our true nature. She designs her classes so that students can work at their comfort level by offering modifications and relaxing or challenging variations.

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“a time of peace and self-reflection”

It was truly wonderful attending the Enneagram and Yoga workshop. The two combined together creates a beautiful experience.
I loved learning and gaining a deeper understanding of my personality and behavior. This insight helped me to discern and gain a deeper understanding of myself. 
The gentle yoga practice created a space to be able reflect and meditate on the teachings of Enneagram. It provided a time of peace and self reflection. They absolutely compliment each other beautifully. I am grateful I took time to invest and grow through this workshop. 

Tracie, type 2

“enlightening and tranquil”

The Intro to the Enneagram & Yoga was an amazing experience for me. I never really feel relaxed, but I was able to do just that. Reflecting upon myself with the help of Anna’s calm soothing voice coupled with Daniela’s yoga instruction led to an enlightening and tranquil session. I look forward to attending more sessions in the future!

LISA, type 6

The Workshop Is For You    

You need to finally make time for YOU

You're tired of feeling stuck in old patterns 

You want to learn how to create change that lasts


You're ready to experience a deeper self-love

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Enneagram & yoga




sunday, october 30 2-5 PM MST

The workshop will be held at Serenity Yoga Studio, 1804 50 Ave, Bay 14, Lloydminster, AB

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