This is a question too many of us wonder. But often when we see or hear that question out loud, we can begin to see the answer for ourselves. We have little to give to others and to the world if we’re walking through life as a muted, less functional version of ourselves. We focus immensely on the three centers of intelligence to bring you as holistic of an approach as possible. This helps to bring you tangible results in all aspects of your life. This can drastically improve relationships, your professional life - and even your longevity! So, you tell us a more worthwhile investment!

5. I’ve never spent money on a coach before. Isn’t it selfish of me to invest in something like that?

Founded by Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Deep Coaching is about coming into awareness with our inner knowing. It’s about developing, strengthening, and deepening our sense of self in a way that goes beyond self-help or self-improvement. Further, it’s about looking at the bigger picture, discovering our truth, and remaining open to the mystery of life. Through this exploration, we’re able to find our place in the world and live into our fullest self with courage and compassion.

A fundamental, arguably radical truth of the deep living orientation is that there is nothing wrong with you. It’s about understanding your personality, and knowing the different expressions of your strengths and opportunities. 

The Enneagram is one particular tool that helps to illustrate the dynamic nature of one’s personality and helps us to grow not only in relationship with ourselves but with others.

This way of living requires the practice of being present; not living in the past, or allowing ourselves to worry too much about the future. Our greatest work lies in the here and now.

The Deep Coaching Method is rooted in the power of love and its transformative impact on the human experience. 

4. What is the Deep Coaching Method?

For starters, a primal lifestyle is actually one you’ll enjoy. As your coach, I aim to make things fun and focus on what you stand to gain through these new habits, not what you’re sacrificing. You shouldn’t have to “suffer” through it. Together, we’ll find a way to make it work for you. Primal Health Coaching is also supported by the latest research, not opinion or what the media is telling us is popular right now. Your plate will be filled with delicious food, you’ll adopt a flexible mindset, and a sensible exercise regimen you won’t dread!

3. How is Primal Health Coaching different?

The research connecting a primal lifestyle approach and optimum human functioning is overwhelming. Aside from what we know intellectually about it, I’ve also personally experienced results and witnessed the results of handfuls of clients who’ve gone through it. It simply makes sense and it works.

Despite the number of technological advancements, our cultural views, and the way society has evolved as a whole, our very life processes remain the same. Much of what worked for our primitive ancestors still works today. And they definitely weren’t eating packaged, processed, and mass produced foods ...not to mention, sitting around watching hours worth of Netflix! Primal is about getting back to basics and replacing confusion and noise with truth.

2. There are so many diets out there. Why primal?

You’re a good fit for working with us if you’re willing to go deep, be honest with yourself, take responsibility for your life, and remain coachable throughout the process. In our experience, people who invest in coaching come from all walks of life. The shared theme is a desire to change or improve a part of their life and ultimately become a happier, more confident individual.

1. How do I know if working with a coach is right for me?

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