Type Eights are assertive, natural-born leaders who are confident in their opinions and know exactly what they want. They love having a sense of control and thrive in a competitive environment, however this can sometimes lead to a confrontational and intimidating attitude towards others. Aromas of soothing cedarwood, uplifting blood orange, and relaxing marjoram soften the heart and promote vulnerability in strong, decisive Type Eights. 

Type EIGHT Oil

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Promoting calm and tenderness, this blend helps eights dissolve anger, judgement and resentment by filtering out negative energy to allow your innocent inner child to feel free and alive.

Himalayan Cedarwood: The soothing scent of cedarwood is reputed to reduce harmful stress and ease tension, which in turn promotes the body’s rest, clears the mind, and subsequently encourages the onset of quality sleep that is both restorative and reparative. 

Blood Orange: Vibrant and uplifting blood orange eases nervous tension and promotes a happy, tranquil mood.

Marjoram: Fantastic for relaxation, marjoram has apositive effect on the nervous system, and contains calming properties to help relax emotions during stressful moments.

Aromatic: Apply 4-5 drops to your diffuser and dilute with water. Do not ingest.

Topical: Dilute 3% essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice to desired area. For external use only. 

Most essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy or lactation, please consult a health practitioner prior to use.