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15 Questions for the New Year

January 4, 2022

Happy New Year! January is a great time to reflect and take inventory of where we are in life. It’s so easy to slide into autopilot, get stuck in old patterns and forget that we actually get to choose how we show up in the world. Taking time to examine where we’re at doesn’t mean that we need to know all the answers or have our whole path laid out, it’s simply about pausing and listening inside. 

We are allowed to make mistakes, shift course and begin again. Change is part of life and nowhere is it written that it can’t be messy. Growth requires a willingness to be curious and courage to be honest with ourselves. 

If you want more clarity about who and where you currently are in life, I have gathered some questions for you below. Your answers are between you and your Soul. With a curious mind and a courageous heart, give yourself plenty of time to journal your answers. 

Tip: If you are feeling stuck in your mind and struggling to connect with your deeper truth, try writing your answers down with your non-dominant hand. 

15 Questions for the New Year

  1. What do you want? When you listen inside, what is your heart longing for?
  2. How do you want to feel? Are your habits, commitments and other life patterns supporting you and bringing you closer to this desire?
  3. How do you want those around you to feel?  (We aren’t responsible for other people’s choices or feelings but we can think about how we impact those around us.)
  4. How are you using your gifts in the world? How can you show up and offer your light in big or small ways?
  5. What do you want to contribute to your community to make it a better place?
  6. What do you hope for this coming year that is different from other years?
  7. Where are you stuck? Be specific.
  8. What do you need to let go of? Think about the emotional, physical, relational baggage you’re ready to release.
  9. How do you want to improve your life this year? What is the ONE THING you could add in that would have the most significant, positive impact on your life in this season?
  10.  Are you spending time with growth-minded people? Do the people in your inner circle deserve that space in your life?
  11. Do you need support or help? Name the support or help you need. Make a concrete, step-by-step plan to get the help you need.
  12. Are you ready for change? We sometimes say we want something but aren’t truly ready to take action. Tell the truth to yourself – are you ready?
  13. What changes are already unfolding in your life that you need to accept and cooperate with?
  14. Where is perfectionism, comparison or fear holding you back from what you truly desire? What would you feel like and what would your life feel like if you showed up through comparison, perfectionism, or fear?
  15. How do you want to feel different by the end of the year?

My wish is that these questions will stir something that’s been brewing in your soul and give you new hope, inspiration and motivation for 2022.

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