Trustworthy and fiercely loyal, a Type Six is someone you can always rely upon. These hard workers go above and beyond in their pursuits to fulfill their responsibilities, yet at times they can become stressed and worrisome due to hyperawareness and a keen sense of focus. Relaxing amyris, calming lavender, and empowering pine, will ground and soothe an anxious six while invoking a sense of safety, support and trust in the world around them. 

Type SIX Oil

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Our blend reminds sixes to operate from a calm and centered state and to take time to feel and decompress from the strains of everyday life. This relaxing blend quiets the mind, uplifts the spirit and soothes nerves so sixes like you can courageously champion yourself and others.

Amyris: A relaxing and refreshing aroma, amyris helps melt away stress and supports a balanced, anxiety-free mind, particularly before sleep.

Lavender: Balancing, calming, and often used to aid in restful sleep, lavender promotes relaxation and feelings of ease during waking hours. Its light, floral scent will make you feel at ease and peaceful emotionally after a long and taxing day.

Pine: Powerful yet grounding, pine relieves anxiety and revitalizes the mind, body and spirit to encourage a safe space for sixes to openly share their thoughts and ideas. 

Aromatic: Apply 4-5 drops to your diffuser and dilute with water. Do not ingest.

Topical: Dilute 3% essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice to desired area. For external use only. 

Most essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy or lactation, please consult a health practitioner prior to use.