The ultimate perfectionists, Type Ones are always looking to improve themselves, do the right thing and create order out of chaos. They thrive with a plan and stay true to their principles, however their sense of purpose can breed anxious feelings and resentment. This blend is designed for Type Ones like you to quiet your harsh inner critic and achieve a peaceful mind. It features mood-boosting bergamot, calming petitgrain, and ylang-ylang to ease nervous tension and encourage full-body relaxation to remind you of your utter goodness and that everything is unfolding as it must.

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Our blend quiets the mind and opens the heart while easing judgement and criticism within, reducing tension, and most importantly learning to love yourself for who you are.

Ylang Ylang: Exotic and heady, this floral oil is incredibly useful as it encourages full-body relaxation as well as soothes worry. It’s an ideal choice when you’re looking to ease nervous tension but keep an inspiring atmosphere.

Petitgrain: Uplifting and refreshing to the senses, citrusy petitgrain clears confusion, reduces mental fatigue and depression, stimulates the mind and improves memory. It’s the perfect remedy when your emotions are all over the place, as it will help bring a sense of calm and balance when the inner critic is running rampant.

Bergamot: With a unique citrus scent, this oil can help ease the worry and give a mental boost when you need it most. 

Aromatic: Apply 4-5 drops to your diffuser and dilute with water. Do not ingest.

Topical: Dilute 3% essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice to desired area. For external use only. 

Most essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy or lactation, please consult a health practitioner prior to use.